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The Storage Syndicate 2-Day Virtual Summit

December 7th and 8th

Learn How To Generate $8k-$12k In Cash-Flow Every Month; From Just One Storage Facility.

Give Us 2 Days And We’ll show you how to find storage deals, fund them with other peoples money, and how to use the 3x Syndication formula to maximize your cash-flow.

There’s a reason many experts are calling the self-storage industry, “the gold rush of real estate".

It's the same reason the Wall Street Journal calls it “the best bet in real estate right now”.

Not only are other commercial assets like office and retail feeling the pinch after COVID

But in 2021 the self storage industry reported the highest rental rate per square foot ever recorded.

They also reported lowest vacancy rate in recorded history (occupancy rates hover between 95%-97%)

And self storage also has some of the lowest cap rates in real estate.


There’s no fussing with nightmare tenants or “squatter rights”.

No need to fumble around with design packages and nail-biting inspections.

And no suffocating expenses that eat away at cash-flow

There’s only one problem…

There arent any truly useful resources to show people how to get started and secure their first deal.

That’s what The Storage Syndicate Virtual Summit is for:

Over the course of 2 days, you’ll get a complete step-by-step breakdown of our proven and easy-to-follow Self-Storage Blueprint.

This includes…

>>How to find the most profitable storage deals in your area.

The best deals are always hiding in plain sight - but never where you’d think to look. After we’re done you’ll know where all the “unicorn deals” are hiding in your area.

>>How to fund them

The storage industry is different from all the other real estate industries. Securing funding is certainly NOT harder - just different. I’ll show you the easiest way to do it.

In fact,

I shared my CRF (Capital Raising Formula) with a student back in march and he’s already about to close on his 2nd $20 million deal in less than 3 months.

He didn’t use a dime of his money…

And He’s brand new to real estate.

>>How to maximize Cash-Flow for each deal

This is where the 3x syndicate formula really shines.

I can’t take 100% credit for the cash-flowing strategy though.

My mentor, one of the pioneers and legends in the self-storage industry, shared his “secret framework” with me a few years ago.

How almost nobody else has figured out this framework to cash-flow their properties is mind-boggling.

My guess is there will be a lot of face-palming when everyone see’s how simple - yet profitable - the strategy is.

>>Plus, a lot more

Like, how to get started.

Exactly how the industry works (to avoid the massive pitfalls)

The 3 easiest paths to making A LOT of money in the industry.

And what’s on the horizon for the industry.

Over these two days we will go over...

Fill It

- Learn How Legacy Developers Got Started And Our Goals For The Future

- The Advantages Of Getting Involved With Storage

- The Different Ways You Can JV On Deals

- A Background On How The Storage Industry Came To Be

- The Stats Showing Why Storage Is A No-Brainer To Jump Into

Find It

- How To Track Down The Diamonds In The Rough

- Our Exact Criteria For Choosing What Deals To Look For

- The Softwares And Strategies We Use To Find Our Deals

- The 60/60/20/3 Rule We've Implemented

- Free Resources That Will Save You Hours Of Work

Figure It

- Putting Pieces Into Place After You Receive A Contract

- Preparing Bank Packages

- Deciding On Site Designs And Getting Renderings

- The Wildlife Tests You Need To Pass Before Going Any Further

Fund It

- Our 3X Syndication Strategy

- How We Secure Investors For Each Project

- The Portal We Use To Manage All Of Our Investors

- Getting A PPM Made And Put In Place

- Hiring Great CPAs

Fix It

- How We Bring The Renderings To Reality

- Managing Construction Budgets

- Developing Nationwide Teams

- Negotiating With Local and National Vendors

- Handing Off To REIT

Flow It

- Developing Your Exit Plans

- Selling At Stabilization

- Deciding On Your End Goals Early

- The Benefits To Long Term Holds

Some Special Guests Include...

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Guy Middlebrooks

Senior Vice President, Third Party Management


Guy Middlebrooks has extensive operations and management experience in both the retail and self-storage industries. He currently serves as CubeSmart’s Senior Vice President of Third Party Management and oversees and coordinates the management of more than 700 managed self-storage facilities across the United States. Guy is also responsible for new business development as well as client relationships and store transitions.

According to the 2022 Self Storage Almanac, CubeSmart is one of the top three owners and operators of self-storage properties in the United States.

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Stephan Ross

Owner of Cutting Edge Self Storage Management

Stephan began his career with National Self-Storage in 1984 and joined Executive Self-Storage in 1987 as Southeast Regional Director managing multiple self-storage facilities and apartment complexes along the East Coast of the United States.

Stephan has performed audits, 100’s of feasibility studies (since 1984 all over the U.S and Canada) and directed the development and daily operations for over 2,000,000 square feet of storage.  He was also responsible for handling site inspections for Citi Bank, First Union, Wells Fargo, and the RTC.  In 1996 Stephan joined Extra Space Management in Salt Lake City where he became Vice President of Operations and helped grow the company which is now the 2nd largest self-storage REIT in the world.

Stephan has contributed feasibility related articles to Inside Self-Storage magazine as well as giving speeches and hosting round table events at industry trade shows across the United States. Stephan is considered an expert in the Self-Storage industry having consulted on projects throughout the United States and Canada.

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Dana Cornell

Founder of Cornell Capital Holdings

Dana Cornell is a former Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, and a Forbes recognized financial consultant. During his time as a Certified Investment Management Analyst, Dana has allocated over $1.3 billion to traditional and alternative investments. Aside from partnering with Legacy Developers, he has also started up Cornell Capital Holdings. His new practice focuses on helping individuals, small business owner’s, and working professionals develop customized strategies to generate passive income and wealth accumulation via commercial real estate opportunities.

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Barry Sherman

Founder of S3 Partners

Barry Sherman has more than 25 years of experience in the commercial development, design and construction industry as a senior executive and business owner. He has extensive experience in the planning, design and construction of self-storage facilities and similar industrial commercial type projects in locations across the country valued up to as much as $25 million.

Barry has led the process of entitling, designing and constructing of more than 90 facilities nationwide including conversion type, single-story facilities and multi-story urban located facilities.  He has assembled and trained teams of architects and engineers in understanding the key development features of what makes a success development project.



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